Services we provide

Screen Printing

A very popular method for producing personalised garments, screen printing produces excellent quality, long-lasting results and is great value for large volume orders from 20 to 20,000.

It’s better suited to artwork with spot colours as opposed to photographs or full colour prints with gradients. A separate screen is required for each colour in the design, so, the fewer colours, the less it costs to print. When printing onto coloured garments a base layer is required to ensure the print is bright and vibrant.

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DTG Printing

Direct to Garment (DTG) printing is a relatively new technology which is excellent for accurately reproducing photos, illustrations and intricate full colour designs.

DTG printing produces best print results on t-shirts and garments with 100% cotton content. Using DTG printing for items with a high polyester content is not currently possible.

The advantage of DTG printing when compared to screen printing is the faster turnaround time and low set up costs, which makes it a more cost effective solution when printing low volume runs (up to 100). Especially when a design that features a number of different colours is required.

The main disadvantages of DTG printing are that it’s not possible to match pantone PMS colours and the prints are not quite as vibrant when compared to those seen with screen printing where the ink adheres to the fabric.

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Durable, versatile and offers a unique and professional finish; it is an ideal alternative to printing especially for uniform and work wear when garments are intended to be used in an industrial setting or for bespoke promotional wear that you want to give a personal touch.

The embroidery techniques that we use are quick and clean, thanks to modern digital intervention. We are now able to ‘digitise’ artwork and designs which means they can be kept on file to be used again and again should extra orders be needed.

The cost of embroidery, whether for embroidered workwear, corporate clothing, embroidered polo shirts or a custom embroidery project, is subject to the number of stitches in the design; so the denser the design the more expensive it will be.

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Transfer Printing

Transfer printing is great for bold, vibrant, full colour designs, and single colour individual names and numbers;

There are a huge array of colours available from fluorescents to metallic print effects and flock velvet effects.

This technique is also great for outerwear such as jackets, waterproof coats and Polyester sportswear.

Full colour transfer printing is the process of printing designs onto high quality vinyl which is then heat sealed onto your garments.

Unlike DTG printing which can only be used on 100% cotton garments, transfer printing can be used on virtually any fabric including polyester, lycra sports wear, waterproofs and jackets.

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Garment Finishing

There are a great range of processes and techniques that can be implemented to put the perfect finishing touches to your garments.

This involves: Relabelling, Poly bagging and adding barcodes or size stickers. If you’re looking to give your garments a professional look or to sell in retail stores then our garment finishing services will help strengthen your brand image and increase the perceived value.

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