• How can I get a quote online?

    On our website, you can add items to your basket, select your customisation details and receive an instant quote online.

    If you’re having any trouble creating a quote on your own, we’re happy to do so for you if you send us an email at sales@iconprinting.com.
  • Do you have a minimum order?

    We have a minimum order of 20 items per design. These 20 items can consist of a variety of garment types, sizes and colours. They must all be personalised with the same design.

    Please note we are not able to do a mix of tote bags with any other garments to reach your minimum. This is because tote bags require a different screen setup than t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc.
  • How do I place my order?

    After receiving your online quote, please upload your artwork for the relevant position(s) so we can manually check your quote details and designs.

    Then we’ll send you a confirmation email within 4 working hours so you can proceed to checkout. When the order is placed and we receive payment, you’ll receive another email confirming everything has went through.

    Next, you’ll be emailed a visual proof PDF to check and approve prior to production. We’ll wait for your confirmation before we proceed to print.

    If you have any questions while doing so please give us a call on 0207 183 8431, or alternatively drop us an email so we can help you finish your order.
  • What happens if you have a query while printing my order?

    If we have any queries relating to your order we will contact you directly to clarify.
  • How can I get a bespoke quote?

    In some instances we need to see your design before confirming costs. Examples of when this would happen are:

    a) Large embroidery: The cost of embroidery is determined by the number of stitches in your design. If it’s a large design it’s very difficult for us to estimate the price without confirming an exact stitch count.

    b) Printing full colour, 100+ items: If you are ordering 100+ items and you have a full colour design we will need to see the artwork in order to give you the best value quote. Depending on the artwork, it could be more cost effective to use DTG printing or full colour screen printing. If we use screen printing we would apply a colour separation fee in order to convert your artwork to print-ready format, we can confirm this cost once we see the file.

    Please send us an email at sales@iconprinting.com and we’ll be happy to send you back a quote.
  • Will I receive a visual proof before my items are printed?

    Once your order is confirmed we’ll email you a visual proof PDF to look over and approve before we start production.

    This allows you to see exactly what you’ve ordered; check the artwork dimensions, colours, layout and text. Please take careful measures when looking over and approving your visuals as changes cannot be made once you have confirmed.

    We won’t go ahead with production until you have signed off on the proof. Once you’ve done so, you’ll receive another confirmation email letting you know your order is off to production.
  • Do you have additional charges for express turnaround?

    Yes, for express turnaround additional charges will be applied to your order. Usually our express turnaround needs about 3 working days.

    If you’re interested in a quick turnaround, please email us directly for a quote. We will confirm that we can fit your order into our schedule and let you know costs for this.
  • What are your delivery costs?

    Our standard delivery for a large box (up to 70 t-shirts or 35 hoodies) is £14.95.

    If your order is for more than 1 large box the delivery cost may be higher but we’ll confirm this with you in advance.

    We are also able to deliver on Saturdays, additional charges apply.
  • Can I collect from your London office?

    While it is possible for you to collect your items from our London sales office, delivery charges will still apply as we’ll need to send them over from our print houses outside London.

    Most often we send your items to your door via courier companies on a next day delivery.
  • Which courier companies do you use?

    We use DPD or APC courier who deliver next day. When your items are dispatched we’ll send you a notification so you can track your order.
  • Do you deliver outside of the UK?

    Yes, we can deliver to mainland Europe but delivery costs will be higher and turnaround times can be longer.

    For any deliveries outside of the UK, please contact us with order details and your full delivery address so we can confirm the cost and delivery time.
  • What happens if I am not in to receive my order?

    If you aren’t in to receive the parcel(s), the driver will leave a card and try to deliver again the next working day. If your delivery is missed please contact the phone number left by the driver to arrange a new delivery date. Normally two attempts will be made to deliver the goods.

    We highly recommend you use the dispatch notification link that we email you to track the delivery of your order. This will let you know if the courier has tried to deliver or not.

    If the courier is unable to contact you at all, the entire delivery will be returned to our warehouse. If this is the case, you will need to pay for the goods to be re-delivered.

    Please do note, we use third party courier services and cannot be held responsible if a courier tries to deliver your order but there is no one at the address to sign for the delivery.
  • What's your standard turnaround time?

    Our standard turnaround time is 7-10 working days (this includes production and delivery time). If you need your items sooner please contact us directly so we can check your quote and artwork details, additional charges may apply.

    When your order is dispatched we’ll email you a dispatch notification containing delivery information. Most orders are sent on an overnight courier.

    Although we send all our deliveries with a national courier, unfortunately we cannot be held liable for late deliveries by the couriers.
  • What artwork formats do you accept?

    Before we start production, we always need you to supply artwork in a print-ready format.

    Depending on which customisation method we use, we need the artwork in one of the following formats:

    Screen Printing, Embroidery, or Transfer Printing
    - Vector Format (Adobe Illustrator, EPS, or PDF Files)
    - All fonts and strokes should be converted to outlines

    DTG Printing
    - High resolution PNG files
    - Must be saved to at least 150 dpi (ideally 300 dpi)
    - Saved with a transparent background and sized to print

    If you’re not sure or unable to supply artwork in these formats, please upload what you have and we can recommend what to do next.
  • Can you print onto sleeves?

    Yes, we are able to screen print, transfer print or DTG print onto sleeves. The print method will depend on your order. The maximum print width is 120mm.
  • What's the smallest size text you can transfer print?

    Any text less than 6-7mm wide/high will be difficult to cut out for transfer printing.
  • How close to the edge of a garment can you print?

    We can usually print up to 5mm from the edges of t-shirts and 5mm up from the bottom seam. This is subject to change dependent on artwork and the garment, we can verify once you get in touch.
  • Can you print up to the shoulders on the front of a t-shirt?

    No, the highest we can print on the front of a t-shirt is up to the bottom of the collar.
  • What is your maximum print area?

    Print area does depend on the garment and artwork, however in general we follow these measurements:

    Screen printing = W400 x H480mm
    DTG printing = W350 x H400mm
    Transfer printing = about A4 size

    For embroidery, our maximum width/height is 240mm.
  • Can I change the colour of the print on some t-shirts?

    If we are screen printing your artwork, we can change the print colour across different t-shirts as long as the design remains the same.

    An additional colour change fee of £15.00 + VAT applies per change.
  • Can you match PANTONE colour references with all printing methods?

    We can match PANTONE reference numbers when screen printing but we are not able to match exact colours when DTG printing. Therefore with DTG prints, on occasion there can be a slight difference from the colours in the original artwork and on screen to the final print.

    For embroidery, you can supply PANTONE colour references and we will match these to our threads.
  • What is the smallest possible embroidery size?

    The smallest text that we can embroider is approximately 5mm high.
  • Can you change the colour of the embroidery thread on different garments?

    Yes, if the design remains the same then we can change the colour thread at no extra cost.
  • Do you offer an artworking service?

    If you need your artwork converted into print-ready format, we can help with this. Start by uploading the files you have and we can go from there.

    Most of the time converting artwork formats is free of charge, however if it’s a complex design there can be an artwork charge which is usually £14.95.

    Unfortunately at the moment we do not offer “full” artworking services, as in designing from start to finish.
  • Can I have a mix of garment colours and sizes?

    Yes, you are able to mix the garment sizes and colours (usually) at no extra cost. If your artwork requires a different coloured ink on different garments, there is a fee for this.

    It’s usually cheaper to print onto white garments, so if you’re trying to keep costs down please keep this in mind.
  • Do you offer polybagging?

    Yes, we can individually polybag each item.

    We offer two types of polybags, a higher quality self-seal polybag at £0.45p + VAT per item, and a more budget polybag at £0.25p + VAT per item.
  • Do you offer tag-less t-shirts without labels?

    Most items come with the garment brand stitched in but we can remove this label and replace your own label for a cost of £0.60 + VAT per item. Depending on the complexity of your labels, this fee can change.

    Bear in mind that if the tag is removed the size label may not show. We can recommend garments that include a non-branded size pip if this is something you’re interested in.
  • Will you keep my screens after printing?

    After your order is printed, we will strip the screens to recycle them for new orders. We don't have the capacity to store all of the screens we print as this would take up loads of room.

    We offer a reduction on the screen set up charge on all reorders placed within 1 calendar year, all screens are charged at £15.00 per colour. Your design will be printed exactly as the previous order.
  • How much do your screens cost?

    Our screens are £25.00 each for a standard turnaround. This price is subject to change depending on lead time, garment fabric, and intricacy of designs.

    When we send you a quote this will include all setup and screen costs.
  • Are you able to attach embroidered patches to garments?

    We embroider directly onto garments, unfortunately we aren’t able to attach an embroidered “patch” or "badge" that you provide.
  • Can you print or embroider over zips or seams?

    No, it’s not possible for us to print or embroidery over zips or seams.

    For this reason, we generally recommend embroidering onto 5-panel caps without a seam down the centre line.
  • Can you screen print using water-based inks instead of plastisol?

    Yes, we can use water-based inks for white and very light garments or discharge inks for darker garments.

    These inks provide a much softer print however whether or not we can use them does depend on the garment and artwork. Please contact us about these so we can confirm artwork and let you know additional costings.
  • What type of garments would not be suitable for DTG printing?

    Generally, items with a wide weave pattern or non-flat surface are not so good for DTG printing (i.e. pique polo shirts and fleeces).

    Also, garments with low cotton content do not generally print well so we recommend at least 80% cotton when DTG printing.
  • When screen printing can you use the same screens for tote bags and t-shirts?

    No, we cannot use the same screens for printing onto tote bags and t-shirts. This is because the opening of a t-shirt is at the bottom, whereas the opening on a bag is at the top. If we used the same screens the print would be upside down on one product.
  • How much does your embroidery digitisation cost?

    Our digitisation fee varies depending on your artwork. Once you send through your artwork file we will determine the stitch count and then we can let you know a cost.

    Please email us to enquire about your embroidery order.
  • Can you embroider individual names onto garments?

    Yes, we’re able to embroidery individual names onto garments. We can only use certain fonts like Arial Black, as detailed fonts tend to create a messy embroidery.

    Contact us at sales@iconprinting.com for a bespoke embroidery quote.
  • Can you digitally print onto coloured garments?

    Yes, our direct-to-garment (DTG) printer can print onto both white and coloured garments. Onto colours, the printer lays down a white base layer of ink before the artwork is printed.

    Please note, if your artwork has dark colours and we’re DTG printing onto dark garments this may produce a ‘grainy’ and/or dulled effect. You may also see a faint white line around the print, this again is the base layer. We’ll take a look at your artwork and if necessary we will suggest having a sample printed first for your approval.

    DTG printing is applied manually (as is screen printing) so please allow for some slight variation in exact positional location (5-10mm).
  • Are you able to make labels?

    We can offer woven label manufacturing and re-labelling services. Producing your woven labels typically takes 2-4 weeks and our minimum order quantity is 250 pcs.

    We’re happy to keep your extra labels stocked at our production house for future orders if you’d prefer.

    The cost for labels depends on your artwork as well as specifics, like colour & dimensions. If you’re interested in having labels made, please send us an email with your design attached.
  • Are there setup costs for DTG printing?

    No, for direct-to-garment (DTG) printing there are no setup fees associated.

    We usually recommend this method for full colour photographs or low-quantity orders.
  • Can I supply my own garments?

    Yes, you're able to supply your own garments for us to print on.

    There is a 20p charge per garment for this. We also ask that you let us know what you'll be supplying (material, size breakdown, colour, etc.) so we can verify print processes and make sure we receive the correct stock.

    Once your order has been confirmed, we will send you the address of our print house so you can send us your garments.
  • Do you have any tips on reducing costs?

    If your current quote is out of your budget there are a number of ways to reduce costs.

    Here are some of our recommendations:

    - Select less expensive garments and/or switch brands.
    - Print onto white garments, this costs less as no base layer is required.
    - Reduce the number of colours in your artwork to bring down print & setup costs.
    - Remove a print position in your design, i.e. print only on the front of the t-shirt instead of both sides.
    - Reduce the size of your embroidery and/or choose a more simple (less dense) design.
    - Remove add-ons, like re-labelling or polybagging.
    - Try increasing your order quantity, as this may reduce the print costs and therefore make your whole order more cost effective. Put simply, the higher your order quantity, the lower your print costs. Our price breaks are 20, 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000, 2500, and 5000.

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