Garment Finishing

Garment Finishing

There are a great range of processes and techniques that can be implemented to put the perfect finishing touches to your garments.

If you’re looking to give your garments a professional look or to sell in retail stores then our garment finishing services will help strengthen your brand image and increase the perceived value.

Printed satin hem label on the beanie
Printing of satin hem labels

Re-labelling services

We can replace garment labels by unpicking existing ones and stitching in your branded labels or tags whether it’s on the inside collar, sleeve or base.

Cut & sew

The manufacturers label is cut out and your woven label is sewn over the top along with an unbranded wash care label and size loop.

Unpick & sew

The garment is un-picked and the manufacturers label is removed and replaced with your woven label, unbranded wash care instructions and size loop.

Hem labels

These are sewn around the bottom hem, sleeve hem or the even edge of a hood or cuff.

Woven or Printed Label Manufacture

We can manufacture your own branded labels.

ICON Printing supply a wide range of woven labels; typical lead times are 2-4 weeks. Minimum order quantity: 500pcs.

Types of Woven labels

  • Damask woven labels
  • Satin woven labels
  • Taffeta woven labels


Once your items are printed or embroidered we can poly bag them using automatic or manual bagging processes. We can apply barcodes or size stickers to the outside of the bags for retail use.