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Not only is it a great way to keep up with the latest food trends, Instagram has quickly become the most engaging social platform. Providing a great opportunity for small businesses and independent fashion, here’s our advice on using the platform to your advantage.

1. Instagram provides a great way to quickly establish your brand ‘image’ and feel.

The great thing about Instagram is how visual it is. We’re not overloaded with information, busy copy, or anything we don’t personally find aesthetically pleasing. It’s all about the “look”.

For this reason, it’s important to establish a clear vision of your brand and who your ‘customer’ is, whether it be gym chicks, soon-to-be mama’s, or grime-scene youth… What’s your signature look?

Above: CADE creates a cohesive look through film- and street-photography.

Top of the Page: MOBS London, a brand for young men features on-brand models.


2. We see #hashtags everywhere, but how useful are they? Very.

Using hashtags can help to align your brand with the correct customers, competitors and networks. We’d recommend searching for the top hashtags for your demographic and using these on your posts. This can help your brand get discovered and establish new followers. In addition, create your own hashtag to help track your posts and inspire customers to join in after they purchase.


3. Create incentives for people to keep following, checking up, and reading your captions.

Simple perks like adding a discount code to a post, sharing some behind the scenes secrets, or getting people hyped for an upcoming release are all great ways to get people coming back to your page regularly.


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