Personalised hoodies: the insider tricks to make yours stand out

Personalised hoodies: the insider tricks to make yours stand out

How to craft a killer custom hoody

So you want to create personalised hoodies for your brand, and you want them to stand out from the rest? There’s all kinds of considerations when undertaking any garment printing, and like any other merch, there are plenty of different options to choose from when it comes to custom hoodies.

First up, you have the hoody itself, and choosing what kind – and what calibre – of garment that you want. Second, there’s the design: what kind of design do you want for your merch, and will you adapt it to suit the particularities of the hoody? And finally, there’s the question of realising your design: will you print or embroider, and of those two, which type of method will you choose?

Making an impact isn’t necessarily about being the loudest, but is also about quality. That’s not to say there isn’t something to be said for originality, though: an innovative, eye-catching design can make all the difference. Here we give you five tips on how to create designs that will turns heads.

5 insider tricks to make your personalised hoodies stand out

1. If you’re printing on DTG – use sustainable garments

We always advise our customers to use sustainable garments with organic cotton where possible, but if you’re printing direct-to-garment (DTG) on hoodies, then it’s especially recommended. We’ve found that printing DTG on cheaper hoodies can have poor results, with the design not coming off properly.

(Head here to learn more about DTG and how it differs from screen printing.)

2. Use neon inks for a big impression

Used in the right way, neon inks can be a great way to add an attention-grabbing splash of luminosity to your merch. Granted, it runs the risk of being gaudy or over-the-top. If done right, however, it can be a fun and self-aware way to brighten up your product.

3. Fit multiple designs in one screen print

If you want to be creative with your design, but you want to keep your production costs at an affordable price, then screen printing offers one great way of doing this. It’s possible to incorporate multiple designs in a single screen, albeit in the same colour.

If your brand is creative in using different styles of graphic design, this can be a great way to play around with juxtaposing or combining different elements. See the image above, a t-shirt released through our sister company Everpress, for an example of how this can be used.

(Head here to learn more about the basics of screen printing.)

4. For embroidery, less is more

When it comes to hoodies, embroidery sometimes gets forgotten about. But it’s always worth keeping in mind when thinking about how to design your personalised hoodies: it offers something a little different to printing, and combining it with screen printing or DTG can be a great way to create unique garments that people will want to keep on wearing.

It’s possible to stitch big designs with embroidery on a hoodie, but the most impactful can often be something smaller. A small logo on the left breast, for instance, is a classic and classy way to add something extra to your custom design.

5. Print on the sleeves

An extra little something that people don’t always realise: you can print on the sleeves of hoodies too. It can be a nice way to add an extra little element to your design. The only thing to bear in mind is that this is only possible with screen printing.

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