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22 Nov

7 Tips on Reducing Event Costs

There are a few ways to reduce the cost of running a marketing or promotional event without effecting your image. Getting promotional t-shirts and garments printed is probably one of the easier requirements to source. We specialise in creating promotional clothing for events, but we’ve also put together a list of ideas to help reduce the cost of putting on an event.

T-shirts for events and promotions

1. Be flexible with the day and time.

If you have the perfect venue in mind, but feel it’s still slightly out of your budget maybe consider changing the day you event fall on. Many venues have lower rates for mid-week, afternoons or Sunday bookings.

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09 Oct

DTG Printing on a Canvas Tote Bag

direct to garment printed tote bag

One very popular item we often find ourselves customising, is the trusty tote bag. We are based in Shoreditch, east London – and in this area you can’t walk two minutes down the road without seeing one dash past you. Londoners love them. That’s why they make such great promotional items, merch and give-aways. For high volume orders, getting your tote bags screen printed would be your best bet and they will last super well. For more of a promotional ‘hand out’ bag, totes that are digitally Direct to Garment printed are a fantastic option.

Here’s an example of a DTG printed canvas tote…

digital Direct to Garment Printed canvas Tote bag


We printed these natural canvas tote bags the other week for the Courtauld Institute Of Art, they were designed by Bullet Creative. These were digitally Direct to Garment printed and as you can see, this particular print technique has handled reproducing this “painting style” image really well. Even though canvas tote bags often do have a slight texture to them, DTG printing can still adhere to this particular surface very nicely, with the full colour artwork not suffering at all.

If you have any questions about any of our printing techniques, drop us a line at: sales@iconprinting.com or give us a ring on 0207 183 8431. For more info on Digital Direct to Garment printing on t-shirts and tote bags take a look at our website.


25 Jun

Runway to Win Design Challenge

For an initiative called the “Runway to Win” challenge (which is a project by fashion designers in support of Obama 2012), volunteer artists and designers from across the United States have submitted their best designs inspired by President Obama.

Here are three of our favourite designs…

designs and graphics

To see the other designs that have been shortlisted, click here.

The winning design will be printed on t-shirts or tote bags that will become part of the Runway to Win collection – sitting alongside other garments with artwork designed by well known fashion houses such as Marc Jacobs and Alexander Wang in the Obama 2012 online store.

existing printed t-shirts and tote bags

For more info on custom printed tshirts, get in touch!


13 Jun

Totally Cool Totes by Lazy Oaf

We’ve noticed that this awesome “Half Empty/Half Full” tote bag is currently doing the internet rounds. And rightly so! What a clever idea…

printed tote bags by Lazy Oaf

These totes are by Lazy Oaf, who are known for their very cool, bright, pop graphic T-shirts, reversible sweats and accessories collections. The company is driven by illustration, graphics, drawing, and fueled by tea (apparently). The creative label started in 2001 – as a range of hand screen printed tees sold at a market stall in East London. All sorts of Lazy Oaf is now available in over 150 stockists worldwide. They’re now based in Shoreditch, London – which is where we are located too.

Come chat to us if you have smart little idea you’d like to see on some tees or totes, we even offer artworking services too!

email: sales@iconprinting.com

phone: 0207 183 8431


16 May

Inspiration – Printed Totes by Alphabet Bags.

amazing screen printed tote bags by Alphabet bags

1.  2.  3.  4.  5.  6.  7.  8.

Aren’t these printed totes by Alphabet Bags great?* Simple, bold graphics printed onto canvas tote bags make fantastic promotional hand-outs or gifts.

This kind of product also makes a great online seller for web based boutiques. Get in touch to find out how little it costs to print onto these bags. We can screen print, use DTG printing or transfer print, we have something for every budget.

Plus it’s free UK delivery on all orders over £100! Get in touch for more direct to garment printing info.

email: sales@iconprinting.com or phone: 0207 183 8431

* PLEASE NOTE: These tote bags by Alphabet Bags are NOT purchased from, or printed by Icon Printing.

26 Apr

Inspiration – Printed Canvas Tote Bags

Canvas bags make great promotional hand outs if you’re a small business or boutique. Or maybe you’ve just started your own brand and you want to get your name out there? We’ve gathered up a few handsome looking printed canvas bags to inspire the mind. These are one of the most value for money and cost effective ways of creating branded merchandise.

range of printed tote bags

1.  2.  3.  4.  5.  6.

Maybe you’re an artist or designer, wanting to print your designs onto canvas totes? We can make it happen!

Get in touch – sales@iconprinting.com or on 0207 183 8431

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