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25 Sep

Creative Printed Clothing Inspiration

Alongside promotional and corporate clothing, we also print garments for established and up ‘n’ coming clothing labels. Much of this artwork is fashion lead graphics or hand drawn illustrations. Bold, one or two colour designs print really well and can make very desirable items of clothing.

Screen Printed Creative T-shirt Designs

At Icon Printing, we are really passionate about what we do and we’re always on the look out for inspirational printed clothing to post up on our blog. So, check out these bad boys. Syndicate Original is a clothing label from Ukraine, who are inspired by “American heritage and also by the simplicity and minimalism of Scandinavian aesthetics.” Their focus is combining the aesthetics of classic menswear and enhancing cuts and concepts with up-to-date elements. They often collaborate with well-known artists, illustrators and designers which allows them to treat street style in such a unique and fresh way.

If you’ve got a favourite clothing line you think we should shout about, get in touch! We’d love to hear from you. Check out this link for t-shirt printing london information.

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07 Aug

Q&A with t-shirt brand ICON INDUSTRIES

Direct to Garment printed T-shirts by Icon Industries

We recently printed some super cool t-shirts for the guys at Icon Industries. Their style is a perfect mix of graphic art with a street and urban influence. We wanted to find out more about the label and what they’re into…

Your style is a fusion of paint, illustration and graffiti.  Do you do your own graffiti?
It’s a mix of stencil, photograph, marker pen and computer illustrations. Graffiti – well it depends who is asking. The law – no. An art appreciator – hell yeah, we stencil when ever we can. We like art that tells a story – whether it’s controversial, funny or shocking.

What artists/designers inspire you and why?
We’re really into the Bristol art scene – Inkie and the guys at Upfest. However, we also get inspiration from the likes of Paul Smith and other high-end British designers. We do a lot of traveling, so we’re always taking a lot of photos too.

Why did you choose to create your own T-shirt line?
We’d come up with some great graphics and really wanted to share them with people. Our mission statement: Icon Industries aim is to make affordable art accessible to all.

Where do you sell your printed tees?
We are new to the market – but currently selling them on ebay, on our own site www.icon-industries.co.uk and a few select stores in London.

What’s your favourite website or blog at the moment?
thefancy.com – love that site. A great mix of products and an amazing way to share inspiration, it really gets the creative juices flowing.

What advice would you give to someone who was thinking about coming up with their own collection of statement T-shirts?
Start small, start simple and build from there. Get a good website!


Check them out!

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16 Jul

Printed T-shirt Inspiration – The Unrefinery

screen printed t-shirt ideas and themes

We recently stumbled across these brilliant t-shirts by The Unrefinery.com and couldn’t help but love them. They sort of speak for themselves – but what really impressed us is that they’re so simple, yet very witty and very clever. It just shows you don’t have to think up long-winded, elaborate designs in order to create successful artwork for t-shirts.

Want to print your own t-shirts and hoodies? Get in touch! We specialise in screen and direct to garment printing. Our email is: sales@iconprinting.com or give us a ring on: 0207 183 8431


13 Jul

The Printed T-Shirt Deli – Creative Business Profile

The T-Shirt Deli puts a new twist on personalising shirts. The concept is pretty simple: your t-shirt design, served hot-off-the-press and wrapped to-go with a side of chips. Awesome!

photo of the T-shirt Deli

Owner, Ninel moved to Chicago 13 years ago. After years of copy-writing for beer commercials, she left the advertising industry to start the T-Shirt Deli. She first envisioned the deli when she thought of several funny sayings to put on t-shirts. Rather than simply customising a few of her own shirts, she decided she wanted to help others produce shirts too – “Much like you can customise your sandwich in a New York-style deli.” She says, “After all, not everyone shares my sense of humor, and as it turns out, people absolutely love the opportunity to get creative, and see their own idea turned into a wearable product.

She searched far and wide for gleaming white deli cases, rolls of perfectly waxed butcher paper, brightly colored stickers, and open-air wicker baskets to display our freshest selection of tees. She also chooses to use “homegrown” American Apparel brand shirts, and started to stock as many font choices and colors as cheeses in a New York deli.

photo of the T-shirt Deli, inside

Today, there are two stores in Chicago – one in Bucktown and another in Andersonville, and they just celebrated their seventh anniversary. They take orders on their website, and offer a fun ‘catering’ service. Like any other caterer, they travel to parties, work events, etc., but instead of dishing out spaghetti, they make and serve shirts on-site for the attendees.

photo of the T-shirt Deli, range

Over the years, customers have had many creative ideas to share, though often their designs or text are based on inside jokes, nicknames and other cryptic items only known them and their friends.

It’s always so refreshing to see something done with such a twist! Good job!

Come chat to us if you’d like any custom t-shirt printing done (sadly ours don’t come with chips, but hey – that’s not a bad idea!…) Drop us a line at: sales@iconprinting.com or phone: 0207 183 8431


11 Jul

Q&A with Dan from printed t-shirt brand: Cherry Laundry

We had the pleasure of screen printing Daniel Dewhurst’s very awesome Cherry Laundry tees, which are based on 1950’s laundry nostalgia – yet with a Scottish twist! We’ve done a little question and answer session with him, finding out what inspired him to create this collection.

screen printed retro graphics on t-shirts by Dan

What’s the story behind Cherry Laundry and how did the name come about?
Cherry Laundry T-shirts are themed on my love of 1950′s laundry nostalgia (random…I know), I’ve always thought that launderettes are visually fantastic places that ooze coolness. Although, to an extent, they have been glamorised by Hollywood, I still love the idea of people conversing with one another while waiting for their clothes to be washed.

What artists/designers inspire you and why?
With regards to clothing brands I’m a big fan of Ted Baker, Ralph Lauren and Levi’s. I know these aren’t particularly original choices but they have a great sense of design and I like the way their clothes fit.

I’m a huge fan and would recommend everyone to check out Marcelo Burlon‘s t shirts!

Artists – Otto Dettmer, Andy Warhol, Jill Calder – I have studied each of these artist at different stages of my education and I feel each have played a major role in my creative development especially Otto Dettmer (his art is seriously cool!)

What do you like most about being a part of the fashion/design industry?
I think first and foremost I enjoy being part of this industry because its been a fantastic way to explore and use my creativity.
I graduated in illustration and wasn’t 100% sure what to do with it but certainly since setting up the Cherry Laundry I’ve been able to explore areas of fashion which compliment my art.

Why did you choose to create your own T-shirt line?
It’s all rather simple…I love t shirts! I used to design my own when I was at uni but just as a hobby and then whilst I was traveling I decided I would give it a go as a career.

You have an awesome online store, where else do you sell your designs?
I usually sell on markets in north London as the Cherry Laundry fits in well with the vintage scene. My very first market I did was at Camden and from there I branched out to markets in Highgate, Brick Lane, Watford and many more. I have also found that once you start hitting the market scene you get a lot of offers to do different markets from other stall holders or people that hear about you through the markets you attend.

What’s your favourite website or blog at the moment?
I’m a big fan of the Dazed and Confused website (and magazine). With regard’s to blogs there’s a fantastic one called The Clothes Horse, it’s really well put together and very interesting with fantastic photography….I highly recommend giving it a read.

What advice would you give to someone who was thinking about coming up with their own collection of statement T-shirts?
I’ve found that using a theme that I love has really helped with setting up the Cherry Laundry. I would advise anybody thinking of setting up their own brand to pick a theme that they have an interest in would be a perfect way to start.

I would also say using quality garments is very important. I have found that especially when working on markets people love to try on your products and if the fit and feel isn’t right people wont buy. At the same time I realise that you need to work within your budget but if you can spend that little bit extra on the product I would highly recommend it.

Thanks Dan! This is all very useful stuff. If you’d like some more top tips on creating your own collection of t-shirts, check this out. Don’t forget – we’d always love to hear from you too! Check us out at www.iconprinting.com

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28 Jun

What is digital DTG (Direct To Garment) Printing?

In a nutshell, how does this print process work?

Direct to Garment printing is the newest and most exciting way to print onto garments. DTG digital garment printing involves the use of a highly modified inkjet printer with specially formulated garment inks which are heat set with a heat press or tunnel dryer. Unlike screen printing artwork files, DTG files do not require any layer separation, or any films/screen prep. Once your artwork is ready on the computer it is ready to output directly onto the garment.

Our digital Direct to Garment DTG printed garments

Because of the lack of steps required for DTG, small orders or “one offs” can be quickly and economically produced in a seemingly infinite number of colors – whilst also handling complex artwork with ease. Production times for DTG is similar to transfer printing, but much quicker than screen printing. With DTG digital garment printing there is virtually no “hand” (common term in the industry referring to how a garment feels once the design has been printed on it) on light and white garments and minimal feel on dark garments.

Pros -

  • Cheaper than screen printing – for low quantity orders
  • No set up fees
  • Very few artwork limitations, so great for replicating photographs, illustrations or full colour designs
  • Quick turnaround

Cons -

  • Not quite as durable/long wearing as screen printing
  • Unable to match Pantone colours exactly
  • The print may feel slightly ‘thicker’ on coloured and dark garments compared to printing onto white -due to the underbase layer.

What files types need to be supplied when DTG printing?

  • Good quality, hi-resolution .JPG, or .PNG files – if you’ve created your artwork in Adobe Photoshop, please save your file at at least 100% of your required print size. For a guide on saving .PNG files for DTG printing, please click here.
  • Please provide artwork at a minimum of 300 dpi, saved as CMYK colour mode.
  • Other file types we accept for DTG printing is Adobe Illustrator vector based files – .EPS, .AI or .PDF.
  • When providing vector based artwork please be sure all your fonts and strokes are outlined (for a tutorial on this, click here).

Are there any garments that take to DTG printing better than others?

For the best results print onto items with a tighter weave, DTG will print better onto t-shirts rather than polo shirts for example. A garment with a fabric composition of 100% cotton or a poly cotton blend will produce excellent print results. Other fabric types such as nylon or polyester shouldn’t be DTG printed, transfer printing would be advised here.

What’s the best way to care for you DTG printed garments?

White Shirts

  • Wash inside out.
  • Hand or machine wash in cool or warm water (NOT HOT).
  • Line dry or machine dry on delicate setting.

Light & Dark Colored Shirts

  • Always wash inside out and the first two washings by itself.
  • Hand or machine wash in cool water (NOT WARM OR HOT).
  • Line dry or machine dry on delicate setting.

For any more information on direct to garment printing, or any of our other print processes please get in touch! You can email us at: sales@iconprinting.com or call 0207 183 8431.


13 Jun

Totally Cool Totes by Lazy Oaf

We’ve noticed that this awesome “Half Empty/Half Full” tote bag is currently doing the internet rounds. And rightly so! What a clever idea…

printed tote bags by Lazy Oaf

These totes are by Lazy Oaf, who are known for their very cool, bright, pop graphic T-shirts, reversible sweats and accessories collections. The company is driven by illustration, graphics, drawing, and fueled by tea (apparently). The creative label started in 2001 – as a range of hand screen printed tees sold at a market stall in East London. All sorts of Lazy Oaf is now available in over 150 stockists worldwide. They’re now based in Shoreditch, London – which is where we are located too.

Come chat to us if you have smart little idea you’d like to see on some tees or totes, we even offer artworking services too!

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