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11 Jun

Carry Hope – Printed Charity Tote Bag Project

Last year, bimonthly visual culture and design magazine Print, invited 12 leading visual artists to choose a cause they would like to support and create a design for tote bags that would then be sold on MyDesignShop.com. One hundred percent of the profits from these bags went to the causes chosen by the artists.

printed tote bag
The artists included in this project were:

Spin for Bone Cancer Research UK
Laurent Fetis for The World Wildlife Fund
James Joyce for Save the Children
Geoff McFetridge for Gabriella Charter School
Atélier Telescopique for Fondation de France
Sawdust for the British Heart Foundation
printed tote bag example
One design we found resonated with us in particular was created by Atélier Telescopique for Fondation de France. This organisation helps individuals and companies who wish to be involved in philanthropy by enabling them to create their own foundations under its aegis. They set up action programs in many areas – including education, medical and scientific research, culture, and the environment.


The tote bag design concept -


“This design is directly inspired by the tote-bag material. We called this model ‘Wild Canvas,’ and we chose to use an embroidery technique to print the pattern on the canvas. We do not really know why, but the tiger is certainly one of the most re-produced patterns on embroidered canvas! This tiger is a symbol for the environment and ecology.”


It’s nice see a concept for an embroidery based tote, as opposed to a typical screen print. Both these processes are just as impactful, but embroidery often denotes a slightly more professional, corporate feel.


If you’d like information on any of the print processes we offer or have any questions about custom tshirt printing, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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21 May

Screen Printed Tote Bags for TOPSHOP

Claudia Doms is a graphic designer from Germany who is currently living and working in London. She’s recently done a bit of work for Topshop, including coming up with these screen printed canvas tote bags. They were created in time for fashion week, promoting NEWGEN winner Mary Katrantzou and other up and coming fashion designers.

screen printed tote bags

In 1993 the British Fashion Council created New Generation (NEWGEN), one of the world’s most internationally recognised talent identification schemes. NEWGEN continues to showcase and promote new designer businesses and since 2001 the scheme has been sponsored by Topshop.

screen printed tote bags

Claudia has captured these bags really nicely – utilising everyday back drops for some, others are livened up by printed fabric swatches from the designers current collections.

These tote bags make a great canvas for almost any type of design or logo. Check out our range here. For more info on tshirt printing uk, get in touch!


17 Apr

Screen and DTG Printed Tote Bags

Here at Icon Printing we print onto all sorts, hoodies, all kinds of T-shirts, caps…the list goes on. You can view our full range of printable items here. However, one of our most popular garments we find our customers go for, is the tote bag. These make excellent canvases for almost any kind of design – detailed or bold, giving fantastic results. For maximum durability, choosing our screen printing option for your design is advised, but you also have the option of choosing to use the direct to garment printing and transfer printing methods. These lightweight bags make brilliant promotional giveaways, or even gifts – as they can be folded away to almost nothing and always come in handy – a great way to get your message out there!

Icon Printing tote bags

1. Organic Shopper Bag | 2. Natural Cotton Carrier | 3. Promo Sling Tote | 4. Jute Shoulder Bag | 5. Promo Shoulder Tote.

Stuck for inspiration? Well, we’ve come across a local chap – Simeon Farrar, who creates his own line of screen printed canvas totes – amongst other things. As you can see, they make great everyday bags and they really are very effective. You can place your artwork on the bag just about anywhere, both large or small designs prove just as effective.

tote bag tote bag tote bag

Simeon Farrar is a London based designer who trained in Fine Art and has been a painter for the last 10 years. His Fine Art background forms the basis of his clothes as he explores the themes expressed in his earlier paintings. All the garments are hand finished or dyed and quite often the prints are washed before they have time to dry and so rinse away into the fabric. As a result each piece is very much a one off.