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From the colour, shape and size to the style of graphic used within t-shirt printing, there is a clear division between the types of tees men and women wear. Or could we perhaps ask the question, is that clear division becoming less visible?

Men’s tees have for many years been bigger and baggier than the traditional ladies t-shirt. The sleeves are longer and hang looser whereas the ladies fit tightly to accentuate the curves of the figure.

cool printed t-shirts

Here you can see the difference in the shape with the broader shoulders of the man’s tee but not only that, the text and picture displayed. The grey tee interestingly associates power with the fierce bulldog and caption containing the word ‘hero’, however the girls tee like many others in the fashion world, contains the word ‘love’. Of course you wouldn’t see a man wearing a t-shirt that connotes lust or passion, instead they want to maintain that typical image of the man and promote their masculinity.

2011 brings us a new look however for the originally masculine tee. Take a look at this!

cool printed vest
Now skimpy, low cut vests seem to be making an appearance for men in the fashion world where this model wears a purple coloured vest presenting more of a feminine print of a pink/orange/yellow Miami graphic.

This challenges all conceptions of the rules within men and women’s clothing as there now appears to be a cross-over between masculinity and femininity. How far will this trend go? What is your opinion?!

With custom t-shirt printing, whatever your style, colour or message we can use any of our methods of printing: Screen Printing, Transfer Printing, Direct to Garment Printing, to suit your look!

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