Children's hi visability jacket

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Are you looking for an unusual garment to custom print, and can’t seem find what you’re after? Just because it’s not visible on our website doesn’t mean we don’t stock it… We tend to only list the most commonly requested types of clothing and garments on our site, but we’re able to source all sorts….Read More

icon printing

Posted January 28, 2013 by Alex Econs & filed under Tips and Tricks.

You’ll need to find out the maximum print dimensions for the print method you have in mind. For example, our standard direct to garment printing and screen printing dimensions are 350mm wide x 450mm high. This area will vary depending on the printing company, as most can not go overly close to seems or hems….Read More


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Sometimes it can seem that colours within your printed t-shirt haven’t come out as vibrant as you were perhaps expecting. This is not usually down to a fault with the printing, but down to what colour mode the artwork was created in. There are two different colour modes – RGB and CMYK.

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Posted January 16, 2013 by Alex Econs & filed under Behind The Scenes.

We are big on t-shirt screen printing here at Icon Printing. If you are after long lasting, super durable print results – this is the print method to go for. Here is a behind the scenes peek into what happens when we screen print your t-shirts…

1. Preparing your artwork…

We normally require a vector file for screen printing; so anything that is created in Adobe Illustrator is ideal. We can work with other file types, but an extra artworking cost may occur. Once we have your vector file, we check it over – making sure all the colour layers are separated and that there are no gradients or hair line graphic elements that may not transfer to screen properly.

2. Transferring your artwork to the screens…

Your artwork is then exposed to the screen. This usually done using photosensitive emulsion in a light booth (shown above). If your artwork has more than one colour in it – each colour will need to be exposed to a separate screen.


3. Mixing the ink…

The great thing about screen printing is that any colour can be matched perfectly. This is usually done by weight, to ensure precision colour matching – which is especially important when matching Pantone© colours. We are also able to print using neon and florescent colours, glow in the dark and light reflective ink to name a few.


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wildfox trouble t-shirt in gold

Posted January 11, 2013 by Alex Econs & filed under Tips and Tricks.

T-shirt Transfer printing is one of four customisation techniques we offer here at Icon Printing. This print method suits some end requirements more than others, but what is impressive – is the range of effects and finishes that are available. Almost any kind of print effect (from colour to texture) is achievable on most fabric types.

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